Documents and Reports

Our Vision is of a healthy and clean environment for all residents, businesses and communities in Western Newfoundland, established through innovative and sustainable waste management systems.

Western Regional Waste Management

Documents and Reports

Industrial, Commercial, & Institutional Policy
Businesses in the IC&I sector of Western Newfoundland now fall under the Sort It Western Program. For more information, and to view the policy, Click Here: ICI Waste Policy – Final Oct 28 19

Waste Audit Report for the Western Region – MMSB
Prepared by Mfon Oton, 2019
Mfon Oton’s report for Western Regional Waste Management identifies a baseline to monitor performance and gauge effectiveness of the curbside residential recycling program. WRWM Waste Audit Report FINAL

Summary Report for the BNG Study
Prepared by BAE NewPlan, 2013
Bae Newplan’s final report for Western Regional Waste Management identifies and discusses general waste management practices and information relative to the development of a waste management plan for western Newfoundland. This report is one aspect of a Western Regional Waste Management study and will be used as a template if a final decision is made to go with a two stream system and transport all waste to Central Newfoundland. Read more…

Carbon Footprint Report
Prepared by BAE NewPlan, 2011
This report compares the carbon footprint of building and operating two material recovery facilities in Western and Central Newfoundland versus shipping waste from western Newfoundland to the Central region. Read more…

Financial, tender and contract documentation is available for public access upon request through the WRWM administration office.